[HOWTO]- Build a Step-By-Step Website Introduction Using crumble.js Instead of intro.js


Crumble.js is a interactive step-by-step tour based on grumble.js

you might want to check the demo site.

Please check this out => http://blog.tommoor.com/crumble

You can learn from this tutorial how to use crumble.js in your Ruby on Rails project.

In advance, I will show you how to deploy to AWS EC2 without pain~~~

Step1. Download resource file from Github

You can download file from

git clone https://github.com/tommoor/crumble.git 

git clone https://github.com/jamescryer/grumble.js.git


Download it via Github GUI.

Step2. Put all required files in vender

Below is how I vendor folder looks like

|-- images
|   |
|   |-- crumble
|       |
|       |-- bubble-sprite.png
|-- javascripts
|   |
|   |-- crumble
|       |
|       |-- Bubble.js
|       |-- jquery.crumble.min.js
|       |-- jquery.grumble.js
|-- stylesheets
    |-- crumble
        |-- crumble.css
        |-- grumble.min.css

Step3. Add require to you application


#= require crumble/Bubble
#= require crumble/jquery.grumble
#= require crumble/jquery.crumble.min

ps. grumble must be above the crumble


*= require crumble/grumble.min
*= require crumble/crumble

Step4. Add Step-By-Step tour using html code


ol id = "tour"
  li  data-target= '.root-1' data-angle= '0' data-options= 'distance: 0'
    | Step1
  li data-target= '.root-2' data-angle= '30' data-options= 'distance: 50'
    | Step2
  li data-target= '.root-3' data-angle= '0' data-options= 'distance: 0'
    | Step3

ps. .root-1, .root-2, .root-3 are html tag class which you can change to your own


/! Add where you want
= render 'shared/guide'

Step5. Add another custom setting in javascript and css file



or you can customize your setting such as

$('#tour').crumble grumble: {showAfter: 1000, hideAfter: 2000}


#tour {
  display: none;

After you finish step5, You are able to see the awesome introduction tour.

Now, you might want to deploy to your VPS. In my case, I will deploy to AWS EC2.

Step6. Deploy to AWS EC2

Here I want to mention the problem I met, please check http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22222516/rake-aborted-no-such-file-or-directory-after-write-admin-css

The solution is that you have to make sure that your project have gem “non-stupid-digest-assets, ‘1.0.3’” in your gemfile


bundle install

Secondly, the problem is I can’t see the bubble image in my staging machine.

Since my assets will be uploaded to S3, my solution is

change grumble.min.css to grumble.min.css.scss

and update the image part in the code

background-image: image-url('crumble/bubble-sprite.png') 

In my opinion, since our images are uploaded to AWS S3 after assets:precompile.

And procompile action will generate url automatically refer to S3 link.

However, using “background-image: url(‘XXXX’)” in your css, the compiler will not convert the link to S3, therefore, server will looking for the image in local http folder.

So, I use image-url method in scss to fix this problem.

Congratulation !

In a nutshell, in order to lower the effort, I try to build my first gem. If finish, I will update in my blog.


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